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b) blog title
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d) batch and hall (just to make sure you are/were a KGP student and not a douchebag from elsewhere seeking traffic :) )



Pessimist said...

Avinash Agrawal
Eyes of Pessimist
Final year, Nehru Hall

Ashish said...

Name: Ashish Gourav

Blog Title: Ashish Gourav:Exploring The Hedonism of Life


Batch and Hall:

MS Hall,
2007-2011(2nd year)

gs said...

Name : Goutam Saha
Title : Random Thoughts
1986-1990, Patel Hall

Phoenix said...

Rishabh Jain
Soliloquy of the Phoenix
Final year, Nehru Hall (2005-2009)

PS: Only two posts, and none on KGP. But, new posts will come up soon!

Sumit Vijay said...

Sumit Vijay
Blog Title:IIT-Kharagpur Dictionary


(2008-2012)first year;MMM Hall

Surd said...

Name: Sarabjeet Singh

Blog Title : Dig Deep


Batch/Hall : 2004-09, LLR

Swapnil K Shanu said...

Swapnil Kr. Shanu
Swapnil writes...
2nd year, Nehru Hall

Vishwajeet said...

Vishwajeet Kumar
StumbleUpon How I Hunt On Internet.
Pre-Final year(2006-10), R.P. Hall

Royal Stag said...

a) name: Resham Sarkar
b) blog title: Oblivious Anonimity
c) url:
d) batch and hall: 2004-2009, SN Hall

Anonymous said...

Abhiram Kasina
Casina's Webspace
2005 batch(current 4th year), Patel Hall

Rahul Dey said...

My Vision For A Superpower 'India'
2008 batch, 1st year MMM Hall

iitkgpblogs said...


Protik Roychowdhury said...

Protik Roychowdhury

Life (?), the Universe (??) and Everything Else


RP Hall
2007 - 2011 (2nd Year)

Lunatic said...

Name: Vinay Kumar Sisodia
Blog title: Memories & Reveries
Batch and hall: 2005-10, LLR Hall

shadowsapphire said...

Divya Tak
Shadow Sapphire Portfolio
Second year, SN hall.

ANKUR GOEL said...

Ankur Goel


3rd year Patel Hall

Swapnil said...

Swapnil Kant Dixit

Connection Collection

Patel 06, archi 06

elisha_007 said...

Name: Swaty Gupta
Blog Title: Its Titled.
2nd year, SN Hall

ravi theja said...

K Ravi Theja
Thought's of an Open Book
4th yr, Azad, Aero

abhirup said...

Name:Abhirup Mallik
Cloud Hopper
2nd yr student,Patel Hall

Maverick said...

Varun Jain
Jargogled Impressions
Final Year, LLR Hall

Ami aggu. said...

Uday Aghamarshan

Like frankie said, I blog it my way

2006-2011(3rd year)

Patel Hall

Vandana ! ! ! said...

blog name:The Indescribable Clash with Reality...!!!!
Batch/hall: 2007/ RLB hall

Palkush Rai Chawla said...

Palkush Rai Chawla

Palkush's Blog


3nd year, Nehru Hall

Gauravam said...

Gaurav Khare


3rd Year,Patel Hall.

Vivek Chaure said...

Name : Vivek Chaure

Title : Fun2Explore
Batch and Hall:
2007-09(M Tech in CSE)
MMM Hall

Shrey said...

Shrey Goyal
The God of Small Things
2nd year (2007-2011), RK Hall

The Anarchist Rat said...

Ratan J. Sebastian
Intricate Ramblings(Quiz Blog)
2nd year, Azad Hall.

Anurag Priyam said...

a) Anurag Priyam
b) Anurag's Weblog
d) 2008, 1st year, MMM

Sumeet Mohanty said...

Sumeet Mohanty
God's child
2nd Year, Azad Hall

elessar_iitkgp said...

Soumen Goswami
Ramblings of the mind
fourth Year, Nehru

Ajay Gautam 'आह़त' said...

Name : Ajay Kumar Gautam
Title: Aahat
Batch and Hall: 2005 - 2009, Patel Hall

Vaga Bond said...

Borna Ghosh
Mute Witness
url :
2008 Dual Degree
IG hall

PL said...

Vivek Chowdhary

An attempt at nothing


3rd year, Nehru Hall

Abhishek said...

Name: Abhishek Narain
Blog Title: Introspection
2nd year, RK Hall

Aditya Mani Jha said...

Aditya Mani Jha



Batch and Hall: 2nd Year(2007-2011)
HJB Hall

Chaitanya said...

Name: Chaitanya Tambay
Blog Title: Vent It Out
url :
Batch : 2005-2009 , RK Hall

Anonymous said...

Name: Rahul Munshi
Blog Title: Between Naps
Batch: 2005-2010
Hall: R.P. Hall

ashutosh@iitkgp said...

Name:- Ashutosh Kumar Mishra
Blog Title :- एक स्वप्निल एहसास.....

url :-

2nd year, Azad Hall

abinash pati said...

Name: Abinash pati
blog title : P & P
url :

batch '04, int msc, nehru hall

Nitin is here said...

Nitin Nagori
The booker of all blogs
Final Year LLR Hall(2005-2009)

PL said...
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The no-(no non-sense) guy... said...

Tapas Shrivastava
Voices In My Mind
4th year (2005-2010)
LLR Hall of Residence

Akhilesh said...

Akhilesh Jain
The Bucket List
4th yr, Azad hall

Sanket Agarwal said...
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Sanket Agarwal said...

Sanket Agarwal
The Road Not Taken
2nd Year RK Hall

NKB said...

Nilesh Badodekar
Ouvrir les secrets
Mtech 2nd Year (2007-09 )
MMM Hall of Residence

Maj. Bullshit said...

Ananthram Ganesh

General Crap, Major Bullshit


Final Year

MS Hall - 2006 - 2009.

[NpoWEr] said...

Naveen Kumar Molleti

The Blog That You Will Care About
3rd Year, Patel Hall

Maulik said...

Maulik Kamdar
Title: Maximum Maulik
Second Year, MS Hall

Anonymous said...

Name: Siddharth P Singh
Nick: sidzoo
Blog Name: What's the need for a blog to have a title
Blog URL:
Batch/Hall: 2006-2010, Patel Hall

Samar R P said...

Samar R Patel
The Shuriken Samurai
2nd Year RP Hall of Residence
2007-2012 batch


Sourav Das
Make Money Online
2nd year, R.P. Hall of residence

Mainak said...
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apoorv saraf said...

Apoorv Saraf

'communal secularism' in indian politics


first year,MMM hall

Naveen said...

Naveen YS
Sentiments of a chaotic mind
R.P.Hall (2007-2011)

apoorv saraf said...

apoorv saraf

The myths about IITs


First year MMM hall

Anonymous said...

Sanjeev Chandra
4th year, LLR

Mural! said...

Muralidhar Duvvuri
Moo Along
Super-final yr, LLR

Impy said...

Shikha Singh
The Silver Lining

2nd year
SN Hall

Vaga Bond said...

Kaniska Mohanty and Borna Ghosh

Hall: LLr
batch : 2004-2008

Borna :
Hall: SN
batch : 2003-2008

QuarK said...

Samir Saurav Majhi


Patel Hall


sree said...

Rajeev Vishnu
PoliTRICs of Life

2nd year
RP Hall

Arvind said...

Arvind Sowmyan
What the doohickey? (Art Blog)
2007-2012 Batch (3rd year), Nehru Hall

Pulkit said...

I came, I Saw, I Blogged
Final year, RKH

Avimuktesh said...

Avimuktesh Bhardwaj
Garmi e Hasrat e Nakam
2008-10 MMM Hall of Residence

Mainak said...

Mainak Jas
2nd year, Nehru Hall

Anonymous said...

Soumen Goswami
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
5th year, Nehru Hall

bibhash k jha said...
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bibhash k jha said...

Name :Bibhash Kumar Jha

Blog : Cries of Silence

Batch and Hall:

RK Hall,
2007-2015(3rd year)

Anonymous said...

Name:Sumit Kumar Vijay
Blog:Random Thoughts
Batch:2008-2012 LLR hall

QuarK said...

Samir Saurav Majhi
2008-13, Patel Hall

siri said...

alla siri chandana

random ranting
second year
sn hall

Pravin Sharma said...

Pravin Sharma
Rational Intuition
Sophomore, Azad Hall (2009-2014)

Pushpam Bhardwaj-----MY VIEWS said...

Pushpam Bhardwaj
KAVITIAN- "If We Can't Who Will"

2nd year, HJB Hall

bibhash k jha said...

Bibhash K Jha

Thearte of the Absurd

url :

4th year , RK Hall

Prashb said...

Prashant Bhattacharji
Next Dimension

Rishabh Poddar said...

Rishabh Poddar
Peas And A Pod
Final Year, RK.

KAVITIAN said...

Pushpam Bhardwaj "KAVITIAN"
3rd year, HJB Hall

Indra said...

Indra Saha
Castles In The Air
4th Year, SN Hall